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I'm Melik. I am a dedicated digital marketing specialist who is in love with technology, uses computers and the internet very quickly and effectively, has high aesthetic concerns and provides high quality service. Check out my services that will make your brand visible digitally and set you apart from the competition.

Web Design

The website is both your showcase and expresses the prestige of your brand, no matter what sector you are in. In addition, it plays a very important role in creating a sense of trust in visitors and potential customers. A brand without a corporate website always arouses suspicion.

Graphic Design

In addition to designs that will enable you to communicate with your brand's target audience, that are suitable for your brand's corporate identity, that are eye-catching and interesting and that will provide integrity on your social pages, I also offer print-friendly catalogs, business cards, and large-size graphic design services.

Social Media Management

Similar to the website, your appearance on social media is a factor that directly affects your prestige and credibility in the eyes of clients. Brands that constantly inform their target audience and produce regular content will always be one step ahead, as well as differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Paid Ads Management

Your brand will be featured more quickly with paid advertisements on platforms such as Google, Meta, Linkedin, and brand awareness will be increased. The thing here is not your budget, but the continuity of the advertisements, even with low amounts. Since there is a learning process in advertisements, constantly shutting and running advertisements will slow down this process and eventually cause waste of time and budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Search engine optimization” (SEO), which allows your website to rank higher in Google search results organically, excluding paid ads, is a large-scale effort that involves reorganizing site content to match Google searches, and it doesn't happen overnight. It is a process that can often take weeks or even months.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing, includes sending mass and regular information, marketing and similar e-mail contents to people whose contact information is in the company database. In this way, the brand can be better placed in the minds of the target audience. In addition, with analysis tools, people who are most interested in the company's products and services can be identified and focused on.

What is Digital Marketing? Why It Is That Important?

Digital marketing is a must for success in today's competitive business environment. Due to the limitations of traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing stands out as one of the most important methods among new generation marketing strategies.

Digital marketing offers you the opportunity to reach your target audience much more easily and directly via the internet. In this way, you can increase the number of people who have information about your products or services and reach more potential customers. In addition, with digital marketing techniques, you can significantly reduce your marketing costs and use your marketing budget much more efficiently.

Digital marketing strategies are a broad concept that includes your website, social media accounts, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and many more. By using these techniques correctly, you can increase your brand awareness, ensure customer loyalty and increase your sales.

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Melik Koç

Digital Marketing & Foreign Trade Specialist


Melik Koç


As someone who has been in the digital marketing industry for about 4 years, and the import/export and foreign trade sectors for 2 years, I have managed the social media, advertisements and many digital assets of about 25 brands, large and small, so far. Among these brands were small local businesses as well as world-renowned brands. Currently, we are running and expanding our work with my team through Melik Koç Digital.

How Do I Work?

As I mentioned earlier, getting more work than I can do on time, but it degrades the quality of my work. Therefore, in order to increase the quality of my service and the satisfaction of you, our valued customers, I work as meticulously as possible, carry out joint work on the project design system and report all of them regularly.

Online / Face to Face Meeting

When it comes to digital marketing, understanding the needs of the customer and developing a strategy accordingly is one of the most important steps. In order to determine your brand's needs and create a roadmap accordingly, I first need to have an interview and listen to you carefully, understand your needs and determine a strategy to achieve these goals.

Determining the Roadmap

After determining our needs and goals based on our meeting, the necessary roadmap is drawn up to achieve these goals and presented to you. After the approval of the roadmap, the necessary social media authorizations are made, the programs used for project management are established and the actions to be taken are determined.

Taking Action

After all the needs have been determined and the roadmap has been created, all that remains is to bring the project to life. Whether it's social media management, web design, advertising management or e-mail marketing, all projects are carried out in a transparent manner, subject to your approval, through my project management tracking system.

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A good portfolio means happy customers. I have made it my mission to carry out your every project meticulously and in the best way, whether small or large. Below you can see some of my work.

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